We offer you to dive with the snorkel system that has revolutionized the world of diving: the underwater mini-bottle is a small, fully autonomous breathing equipment. It is a real alternative to the heavy equipment of the sport diver who does not want to descend to great depths.

You no longer need a heavy bottle, along with your regulator, vest and more. This equipment guarantees breathing for about 10 minutes under water thanks to a minibottle weighing around one kilogram.
The bottle is connected to a nozzle, which functions as a mini-regulator, through which we can suck up 60 puffs of air on demand, which, as we have already mentioned, can represent around 10 minutes at depths of up to 10 meters.

The more experience we have, the better our technique and the more relaxed we will be underwater, better accompanying our breathing and optimizing that estimated bottom time.

This activity will be carried out for those who start with a person qualified in diving, aquatic and terrestrial lifeguard:
Emergency nurse, 3-star FEDAS diver, divemaster, aquatic lifeguard monitor, emergency expert and with a degree in freediving.

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