Both skiing and wakeboarding are suitable for all ages, you just have to want to have fun and enjoy a spectacular experience.

It's a very complete sport; Coordination, strength and resistance are factors that are worked on in a natural way and above all, enjoying it from the first moment.
With the nerve of the powerful 150HP motor installed in our boat, equipped with a radar bow to hook the rope and that the thrust comes from above, and with the right dexterity you can make almost impossible turns almost touching the water with your shoulders, jumps and others stunts.

It is relatively simple in its initiation. The progress, especially at the beginning, is very fast and in a few skies we can be going with monoski or taking good jumps in the wave with the wakeboard.

All skis or runs, whether single or initiation, are individual and you will have a pilot at your service during the 15-20 minutes that the ski lasts. The necessary equipment is included, although if you have your own ski or equipment you can use it without problem.

The initiation to this sport consists of 5 skis of about 15 minutes. Being intensive, learning is fast.

Age required? Contrary to what it may seem, water skiing can start at age 10

Motociclismo acuático
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