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About us


In March 2020, reflecting on the economic situation that my City was going through, I think about the search for possible new sources of employment. In this sense, I observe that very few entrepreneurs have looked to the sea for the creation of new businesses, and all this, despite the geographical particularity that Ceuta has, since it allows its inhabitants to enjoy this medium widely, and being important highlight that the natural privilege that our City has has not been valued.

Ceuta is in a maritime-geographic position, which few cities have; coastline around its perimeter, coves inaccessible on foot, very diverse fauna, crystal clear waters, etc. However , there is very little development in everything that concerns water activities, it is for this reason that the idea of carrying out an innovative and exciting project was born: the Ceuta on the Sea company , responding to the great demand for leisure activities nautical and water sports that exist in our city.

To materialize this project, the company will have two high-end boats, designed for enjoyment at sea, which have a solarium and are fully open to facilitate the free movement of customers on the boat; with outings in which to carry out activities such as skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, paddle surfing, diving baptism, fishing, and whatever else is possible .

My goal is to professionally offer these nautical activities, and that people who choose us as another option for leisure, get an unforgettable feeling, allowing them to know the beauty of our city and pretending that they always want to return to enjoy, feel and experience the experience of which we will make you participate. For this I am going to choose a team of different professionals with whom to meet the different demands of our clients, as well as to cover any new need that may arise. The philosophy of this company implies the claim of continuous training, through courses and workshops, that allow us to grow and be better each year, both in customer service and in the offer presented.